Wednesday Apr 26
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public intelligence

as a service.

  • Do you read political and business news?
  • Are you an active participant on (social) media, and a keen media monitor?
  • You want to become smarter in verifying right from wrong online?
  • You need help to formulate your network strategy?
You need Kout!
Kout is a expert tool. Seeing your interests, it probably won’t be beneficial to you.

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  • the tool to listen and analyse.
  • Kout assists you following the news. We deliver complementary insights in your browser, while you read the latest about the topics of your interest. We for example update you about the position of the writer, his communication goals, the effect the text had for the general audience. We ask you to let us know what you read.
  • Kout gives you overview. When we know you better, we are able to give you a detailed overview, how you relate to the writers, or how, and how much do you influence the decision-making about the topic?
  • We know you do more than just following the news,  you have a nuanced voice, it should be heard. If you tell us what your goals are, we rally your peers for social media campaigns.
  • Kout is not a messenger service like Twitter or Facebook, but we do help you write targeted content, that best represent you. As you write on various platform, we highlights words that your audience might not like, or are not benefitting your communication strategy. Yes, we might be a bit framed to the positive. We don’t claim any ownership, we are just advising.


  • What is Kout?
  • Kout is an online public intelligence tool. A tool that uses social network analysis and language processing to monitor the public debate. We gather data, and use mathematical formulas to return vital information for active participants.
  • Why is Kout new?
  • Kout is organizing data in a revolutionary new way. Observing the information atom as part of a network, not an isolated event. By perceiving the interactions of the content, we are able to share vital context you should know to better understand the information presented to you.
  • Hang on, nice theory, but what can I practically do with Kout?
  • We share all this artificial intelligence. Some insights can be beneficial, because it helps you make up your mind, or let your story be heard. In short, we help you be successful in your communication.
  • So you help me in my communication strategy?
  • Yes.
  • Uhmm..
  • We show you the best audiences, and the best ways to reach them, including how. But it depends on your objectives, the resources you wish to use, and the timescale.
  • Can’t I just use it as a helpful tool to see right from wrong in our news?
  • Sure. As you know everybody online has some point to make. It is our goal to monitor the public available information, nothing more. We look at the connections between these bits to understand the public opinion. Which becomes more and more important in decision-making, especially in parliament.
  • Thanks for sharing this with me, but I think i’m not ready. It looks like you need a master plan to use Kout.
  • Our goal is to make it a seamless process. You take the first step, let us know the topics of your interest. Then let us do the work. You’ll see.
  • Good, sound promising, but it’s better to wait a bit. I don’t want to make my competitors any wiser.
  • You use Kout, knowing that you give information to others. You might think your best strategy is not to share anything. But hang on, the internet is open, Others use Kout, and are likely to retrieve the same information you find. Communities of data scientists, coders, hackers and developers continuously crawl petabytes of data. How much is that? About 2 billion web pages per month. Open data. By using Kout you just have the option to be the first to analyse it.